Day 1

  Auditorium Room 235 (Law School) Room 238 (Law School) Room 127
8:00 AM Registration
9:00 AM Opening Keynote: Accessibility: The Forgotten Piece you need to know to become a complete Developer(Joe Devon)
10:00 AM Your Inner SysAdmin (Chris Tankersley) PHP Extensions (Elizabeth Smith) Hack - Why Should I Care? (Joel Clermont) Uncon
11:00 AM Developing and Deploying PHP with Docker (Patrick Mizer) Getting TLS Right (Zack Tollman) Uncon
12:00 PM Lunch - Sponsored by Mandrill
1:00 PM The Only Girl in the Room (Panel Discussion) MySQL 5.7 -- New Features, Better Performance, and Things That Will Break (Dave Stokes) Drupal 8: The Crash Course (Larry Garfield) Uncon
2:00 PM Beautiful Architectures with ES6 (Nate Abele) Practical Deployments for Average Projects (Jonathan Reinink) Container Coding (Patrick Schwisow) Uncon
3:00 PM You Can UX Too: Avoiding the Programmer's Interface (Eryn O'Neil) Bringing Sculpin to Life (Beau Simensen) What's in Your Project Root? (Jeremy Lindblom) Uncon
5:00 PM Social hour at Brit's Pub - Sponsored by Nexcess

Day 2

  Auditorium Room 235 (Law School) Room 238 (Law School) Room 127
9:00 AM Inside Laravel 5.0 (Yitzchok Willroth) Continuous Integration: Stop Procrastinating and Build Often! (Patrick Mizer) Speak HTTP and Consume APIs With Guzzle (Jeremy Lindblom) Uncon
10:00 AM Licensing and You (Chris Tankersley) Mentoring: Change the World One Hour at a Time (Beth Tucker Long) Demystifying the REST API (Samantha Quinones) Uncon
11:00 AM Navigating Your Git Repository (Gemma Anible) Scaling WordPress (Zack Tollman) Demilitarizing HTTP -- Developing APIs for Hostile Mobile Developers (Maxwell Vandervelde) Uncon
12:00 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Getting off the Freelance Roller-Coaster (Yitzchok Willroth) Scaling Magento - Reaching Peak Performance (Mathew Beane) From Zero to Silex (Larry Garfield) Uncon
2:00 PM Breaking the Stereotype (Amy Hammond) Project Triage: What to Do When Everything Hits the Fan (Eryn O'Neil) Service Oriented Architecture: It's Time to Play Nice With Others! (Mike Willbanks) Uncon
3:00 PM Closing Keynote: Give it Back - Getting Involved in Open Source (Elizabeth Smith)